Monday, May 30, 2011

Are you scared?

I am not scared of much but ask me to get my teeth cleaned and I can not remember my own name. I have a new dentist and she suggested I be knocked out for my teeth cleaning. I was a little nervous because I had seen other people walk in with assistance because you start the sedation at home. I arrived the morning of my cleaning and guess what I was not out of it. So I took the time to take some pictures of myself. I love that this doctor totally pampers you. They have a foot messager in the waiting room. They cover you with a blanket when you arrive.

I needed a tooth pulled so while I was out I had them pull a tooth. When I woke up I had a very annoying thing in my mouth. It was a stitch that was supose to dissolve. It took 6 days and I finally helped it out. I could not get over how big it was. So I took a picture, isn't that what bloggers do?


Leslie P Jackson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Welcome! ;) 

Also.... I have to be knocked out for my teeth cleaning too!  :)  I am actually going to be doing that in a couple of weeks.  :(  Hopefully, I get really knocked out!   (I've had one time that the meds didn't work and I ended up having to tell them to STOP because I could feel everything!)

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