Sunday, May 22, 2011

Military Monday

Did you know that you can take a off post prescription to a on post pharmacy and they will fill it. It has saved us a ton of money. Sometimes I will just take it to Wal-greens because it is faster but if it is something I do not need instantly then I give it to my hubby to take on post. Consider being on two medicines and picking them up each month. That would be $18 a month. So by going to post I save myself $216.
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Jennifer Pagan said...

Hey there!  Found you from the Military Monday Blog hop.  I never tried to do a prescription like that - I'll have to remember that!  Thanks for sharing! 

Smileyandsuz said...

 Hi there! Stopping by via blog hop and now following you. 

What a fabulous blog!!! Love the design, fonts, pics, etc.

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SavvyLittleWomen-Kate said...

Dropping in to say hey! That is a serious savings, btw! Hope you have a great day!

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