Monday, May 9, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

I wish my kids rooms were cleaner right now. My young girls room is horses. My daughters room is actually the only one that looks decorated. she has flowered bedding with flowers on the wall and big green chairs. My poor sons room has nothing. It literally has a bed, dresser and bookshelf. He has nothing on his walls because we can not agree on what to do. He is too old for video game posters but we can not find fencing posters for him. I did buy him a new comforter and curtains recently because it kills me that his looks like the forgotten room. So if you have any idea where to buy fencing decorations please let me know.


shellthings said...

Fencing decorations? LOL

Courtney K. said...

Would love to see what you do with Fencing Decoration.... :)

Dial48 said...

Hey Pam, I just googled "fencing posters" after reading your blog and found quite a few available. They start at $12.00 and on up with a lot available for $20.00. They looked really cool. I think Michael would like them. Great idea for his room.

Ann (from Co-op in Huntsville) :o)

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