Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pray for me Monday

This week I am feeling so blessed. My friend is feeling much better. I do have a request. A dear friend for church is in the hospital. She had a stroke several years ago and has been doing much better. She collapsed Wednesday night after church. They are still not for sure what happened.
I have been reading a caringbridge page for a soldier. I do not remember who pointed me to the page. I read it with each update. I know about soldiers getting hurt. It is a real reality for me. But for some reason this one hits home, it makes the reality more real. Please pray for this young man as he recovers from injuries he received in war. You can visit his journal right here.

Home Grown Families


momtosprouts said...

Thanks for linking up Pam.  I think of you often and will def inc your friend in my prayers!

Judy B said...

Pamela, I just discovered the Pray For Me Monday hop. I will certainly pray for Jack and his family. The journal on CaringBridge shows how God is already working with this family and it appears to be a strong and supportive family, Thank God. I think it is great that you are being a blessing to others out there. You seem to be an extraordinary person your self. I will certainly include Jack and Megan and family in my prayers and hope that they grow in their relationship with Christ beyond imagination and have "life and God's joy in abundance".

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