Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pray for me Monday

This week I am asking for prayer for myself. A month ago I went to the DR for a sinus infection and was told it was nothing. Two weeks ago I went back and was told I had a sinus infection. She decided it was bad enough to give me two weeks of antibiotics instead of ten days. It seemed to be getting better but never totally gone. On Thursday I went in to have my teeth and gums cleaned. I was put to sleep because they said it would take 3-4 hours. I also asked them to go ahead and pull a tooth that I was planning to have pulled in the next couple of months. There was a complication where I did not go to sleep as quickly as they thought I would and had to give me more meds. I woke up easily that afternoon. I was told I would probably sleep the next 24 hours but that did not happen. Friday morning I felt okay but by lunch time I was a bear. An anger crazed woman who could have killed you for the color of your shirt. This issue is still going on but not as bad. But this afternoon I am back in pain. The pain is right beside my nose and sometimes into my ears. I cannot imagine it is a tooth because they would have noticed last week at the dentist. I cannot imagine it is my sinuses since I have been on meds for 2 weeks. If I am having any pain tomorrow I will be going back to the doctor. Can I just say I am tired of being in pain? Please pray that the doctor will be able to figure this out. I know it sounds silly but I am really hoping that it is not a tooth issue. One I have already had work done on every tooth on that side of my mouth. Two I have already spent all the money my insurance (military) allows this year so it would be 100% out of our pocket and three I cannot stand going to the dentist.
Now for a praise, I had my teeth and gums cleaned and it was probably the best cleaning I have had. I loved my old dentist but my teeth always felt horrible afterwards and some of them even felt loose. This time nothing feels loose and my teeth feel normal. I know most people love having their teeth pulled but I do not.

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Jolene O'Dell said...

Oh that stinks, I am praying that you are relieved of pain SOON!

Sceneofthegrime said...

Pamela, wow. I am so very , very sorry you've been going through so much this past month. Pain in the facial area is no joke! I did once have a sinus inf that was so painful I had to go to the hospital. Maybe your doc could try another antibiotic and/or give u an antibiotic shot or something? I am praying for you that the experts will figure out how to help you and FAST! Sorry ur mother's days has been painful. But I still want to say HMD to you! Keep us posted, ya hear? Love n hugs!

Jen said...

Praying the doctor can find out exactly what's wrong and your pain goes away! Not fun at all!

Dial48 said...

Pam, I am praying for you and for wisdom for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis. God IS able!

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