Monday, May 2, 2011

Military Monday

Good morning. I just have one question? What are your thoughts on Bin Laden being dead? I am relieved and feel a since of peace. But I have to be honest and say I am a little sad. Sad, that this man did not find the Lord before his death.
I have no new news on our military life this week. My husband should receive his sleep apnea machine this week. If your spouse has sleep apnea I would love for you to tell me how it affects his military life. They have not been given him many details yet.
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Branson Merrill said...

Just stopping by from Me Time Monday :) I love your dress in the photo of you guys! I am not a military wife, but I definitely admire you and your commitment to your husband and our country! I know it can't always be easy. Have a great week!

Tiffany said...

I know it's probably not the most popular view, but I had the same thought you did about Bin Laden. I'm happy to know that he can't hurt anyone else, but it's always sad to know someone died without God.

Courtney K. said...

My husband has a sleep apnea test scheduled for this summer. We've been wondering for a while if he had it, because he always seems to be tired. Hope he gets it straightened out! Thanks for linking up!

Mama2six said...

I agree, it is sad when anyone dies who doesn't know the Lord. I blogged about how I felt today and have had a lot of comments - I was even interviewed by the paper. It isn't the popular view, but I don't see how celebrating a death is the right thing to do.

Maria @ Personalized Sketches said...

Yes, ...but for the grace and love of the Lord for us that we have that opportunity for life everlasting and that all men might come to know Him. If he had known Him as Savior and Lord, what a different man Bin Laden would have been. Hope all is resolved for your hubby regarding the sleep apnea.

Blessings & Aloha!

We are out of town, so not able to do much blog stuff, but wanted to thank you for stopping by, linking up, and commenting for a chance to win one of the Personalized Sketches art that I do. nice to meet you! And I love your family photo on your header! So cute! :o) Your children having fun as you and your hubby sweetly kiss.

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