Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today I feel blessed. I feel blessed that my husband is not deployed. I feel blessed that we have survived 7 deployments.
Today my heart is aching for a couple of families. It is aching for Mrs. P I am praying for Jack. Today is memorial day and I plan on spending time in prayer. Time for the families who have lost soldiers and time for the soldiers and spouses of soldiers who do not come home the same. Rather they come home physically injured or mentally injured. More soldiers come home with PTSD then we realize.
Today I will honor the uncle I have never met who was killed in Vietnam. I will pray for the children of the fallen.
I encourage you to visit your local Veterans home this week. Take a moment to tell your kids why we are free. I am so grateful that our children are growing up in a free country and feel safe. I also feel it is my duty to explain to them how that is.

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