Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I have so much to say, I had a busy week last week and I loved every minute of it. Well except the sinus infection.
1. I had my first sinus infection. I knew I had one a month ago but the DR told me it was nothing. I was in pain for a month. When I realized I had taken a entire bottle of ibuprofen I knew it was time to go back to the DR.
2. I kept a friends nine year old last week. It was not bad but we did not get school done like we needed to. It made me realize I do not need to have friends over during our school year.
3. A friend invited me over last week, it was amazing and I hope to get to know them more. Our kids are the same ages and it sounds like our husbands have a ton in common.
4. I cooked for church this morning. Spaghetti and corn for 70. It was easier than I think. I even have enough leftovers for Wednesday night dinner at our church.
5. My boys spent the day helping a elderly couple clean up from the tornado. My son was touched that they had built their home and now it was gone. I do not think you understand the damage until you are in it.

6. My friend and 3 of her blessing were here over the weekend. I loved every minute of it even if I only saw them a couple of hours a night. Her blessings are growing up to be amazing young women and I love to hear them talk to one another.
7. My mom was here two weeks ago and it was amazing. I love spending time with her and love how my kids respond to her even more.

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Susan Struck said...

I love that your boys were helping that couple.

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