Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hillbilly Hotdog

Have I told you I have a amazing wonderful sensitive son. When we went home a couple of weeks ago I decided to take the kids to Hillbilly hotdog. The kids thought it was a riot. Michael heard them announce that it was someone's anniversary so he decided to tell them that his sisters birthday was in 2 days and that dad would be missing it. So when we were done eating we heard them page Faith's name. They called her up and sang to her and thanked my hero for serving our country (I cried) and then gave her a ice cream sunday. We were there for over a hour. There is hours worth of stuff to look at. Grace had to use the outhouse twice. There was a couple who had driven 6 hours just to eat there. One of the fun things is you are encouraged to write your name someone on the building. Thank you Hillbilly hotdog for making this such a fun day.


Khourtniey said...

That looks like a fun place!!

BTW I love all the new skirts and dresses you are sewing.

alicia said...

Looks fun. We recently had some hillbilly sized hotdogs.

GapGirl said...

OH MY GOODNESS that place looks awesome!!!! Glad the day was so special

trooppetrie said...

thanks Khoutniey, I need to move on to learning something new. Although i think I am going to make me skirts to hang out in first

Mrs. S. said...

How fun and incredibly sweet of your son!!

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