Monday, July 19, 2010

Not me Monday

Not me Monday is my friend. It is a way for you to see the real me. So here is my list from the week.
It is not me after finding a mouse in my garage now looks out the laundry window to see if I can see it again. Not me, that is crazy. I would never waste so much time worrying about a single mouse.
It was not me who let the guest in my house unclog my bathroom sink or fix my trampoline or put the cover on my husband’s boat. Not me I would never let guest work while at my house.
It was not me who dreamed that I shot a baby bear and our family cat with a BB gun (that looked like a riffle) in my house while my entire Sunday school class (from my church in KY) was in the back yard.
I do not watch Army wives every week even though I know it is going to make me cry for hours afterwards. Not me, I would never torture myself like this.
It is not me who took pictures of my daughter in the dryer only because she asked me to. Not me, I would never let my child do something that was unsafe just so I could take pictures. That is crazy.
This week I did not send my son in to get the GPS from the van because it was not in the van. He did not have to go back again to find it before I realized I left it in the van on the windshield. Not me because for one I would not leave it in the van and for two I would look up to see if it was in the van.
It was not me who realized that my daughter’s bedroom window was unlocked after the girls locked their bedroom door. Not our house. The windows are always locked and my girls know not to lock their door.
I did not feel guilty when we had company because the husband used my husband’s grill. Who in there right brain thinks like that, not me?
It is NOT my van who after owning it for less than two years is falling apart. My van only has 50,000 miles on it so it should work wonderful and not have issues like the glove box not shutting, the rear window not shutting, the passanger door not shutting properly.
This week someone did not hit my van and forget to leave a note. And it was not me who did not notice the big dent and have to have my son point it out to me. Not me because I would definitely notice this.
It was not me who saw a man doing wheelies on a riding lawn mower this week. This is crazy and would never happen.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Mrs. S. said...

Boy oh boy! Ha ha I love Not Me Mondays.

Roadtoresunioncasting said...


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Hannah said...

That sounds like one crazy Monday! I grew up in a home-school family where crazy things seem to be always happening. I will have to follow your blog! This gave me such a good laugh!

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