Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ritter Park

One of my good memories from growing up is Ritter park. My mom use to take my brother and I there for concerts in the park when we were little. I remember when I was old enough to babysit I use to go with the children I babysit. They have really worked hard at keeping the playground up. They have a zip line and Michael stayed there for a long time pushing the little kids. We had to remind him several times that he is strong. A couple of times he about pushed the kids off. I remember the little stream that runs through the park. Close to the park is another favorite place to eat. So I decided to take the kids to TCBY since it was my favorite. I was sad to see that they had closed. So I took the kids to frost top for ice cream.
Do you need a giggle, we ate out a ton while we were gone and Rob of course did not mind. But one day he said "Honey I looked at the bank account and YOU ARE WRONG". I kept asking him what I had done and he just kept repeating YOU ARE WRONG. Finally he told me it was wrong to enjoy Frost out without him. I can not wait until we can go there together and enjoy a root beer at Frost top. I love you babe if you are reading this


cfoxes33 said...

What great pictures!

Mrs. S. said...

Such great pictures! They are the epitome of summer :)

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