Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oma's house

When we went home a couple of weeks ago we stayed at my moms. The kids were thrilled because her neighbor had goats. We learned that these goats love sour creme and onion pringles. One of the things that everyone does in my moms neighboorhood does is take rides on golf carts. My kids thought they were beyond lucky for Oma to be able to give them a ride on a golf cart. My mom also has 2 birds that talk. I think Michael spent hours trying to get them to say new words. I have told my kids many times that we can not have goats, we can not have goats but I do not think they believe me. Oh, I almost forgot. The neighboors have chickens to. At one point I looked and Michael was chasing the rooster. I could not stop laughing.


Phyllis said...

We visited our friend's goat farm recently as well. My boys had fun feeding them too -Fritos corn chips for these goats.

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