Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
Hello love is that better than last night. We had a good day. But I am glad you are not here because I stink. I have been hot all day and the shower is calling my name. It is almost 10 and YOUR girls are still awake. I understand Faith still being awake because she just finished cleaning her room. The lack of organization is killing me in their rooms.
We had a good time in Fuquay today. Can you guess where we ate? Grace at hers and then came and picked up my sandwich and ate part of it.

The thrift shop was amazing as usual. I got Grace a outfit and dress. I got Faith a couple of shirts. The lady who went with us bought each of the girls a music globe. They are thrilled.
We came home and relaxed and then did some basic chores. I need to be cleaning up for the company that is coming in the morning but cannot get motivated. They should be here before lunch.
I love you babe and hope you really can call tomorrow. The kids miss talking to you.


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