Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My current thoughts on the Army

I bet you are thinking uh oh she is in a bad mood but that is not true. I just realized I have not taken the time to talk to you (my blog readers) about things I like about the Army recently. Our life has not changed much. My hero is still deployed and will be for at least another 6 or 8 weeks. I will tell you when he is home but not when he is coming home. I will say that he has been moving around a lot recently and I hate it. He is needed in two different places right now. I can’t wait to tell you he home safe and sound. Okay here are a few things on my mind about the Army right now. Some are just things I think you will find interesting. I would love to know what your favorite things are about the military, am I the only one who does not know rank.
1. I do not know rank, I know crazy after 16 years. I know the basics, I just can’t read it.
2. I do not know Army rules and what all the letters me like OPSEC (okay maybe I know that one or at least I better)
3. I love watching things like Army Wives and The Unit
4. I love cadence, like really love them. Before we had children I would ride my bike and my hero would run and we would sing cadence.
Here we go
All the way
Sing my name on the dotted line
cause all i do is a double time
up the hill
down the hill
on the hill
around the hill
C130 rollin down the strip
Airborne Caddy gone make a little trip
stand up buckle up
shuffle to the door
jump right out and count to 4
if my shoot don't open wide
i got another by my side
and if that one should fail me to
look out below i coming through
here we go
all the way
if i die in a old drop zone
box me up and send me home
pin my wing upon my chest
tell me momma i done my best
here we go
all the way
pt pt
When we were at Redstone the privates always sang and it thrilled me. We would stop our van and roll the windows down to listen.
5. I love when I see someone salute another soldier.
6. I try not to listen to country music in front of my children but you let someone play American Soldier or Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue and I turn my van radio up as loud as it will go and sing as loud as I can. I am sure people think I am crazy.
7. Most days I love the Army and all it stands for. That is until we get orders to move or orders for my hero to deploy.
8. I think we make plenty of money. Please no one smack me but I really am thrilled with the amount of money we make. If we had been better with our money earlier in our marriage we would be in a good spot right now. I remember when we first joined the Army and how we ate PB sandwiches for weeks trying to make it until payday. But when I find out how much some of my friends husband make I feel bad for complaining.
9. I cannot watch a parade with soldiers without being in tears; I cannot be at any military ceremony without being in tears.
10. I do not like dinning ins or outs or formals or whatever they are called this year but I LOVE seeing my man in his Class A’s and I look forward to seeing him in his Dress Blues in a few months.


Jessicacrow said...

great list! love the cadence too! =)

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