Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-soldier edition

The gray smoke is from smoke bombs (or close to it)
The black smoke is black powder burning off

They had to get rid of bad ammo. Can I say my husband loves his job.


MamaMonkey said...

Wow!!! at least it was just getting rid of bad ammo! Hoping for a safe return for your hubby soon!!!

CM_ALittleLilac said...

That would be a pretty cool job. Hope you're doing ok with him gone. Take care :-)

alicia rasmussen said...

Scary stuff. Happy WW! Come join my linky party at

JDaniel4smom said...

This looks like something guys would love.

trooppetrie said...

I joined up and will try to remember to do it next week. I love posting pictures

trooppetrie said...

taking it day by day. some days are good and then there are days when the toilet over flows and the kids lock doors we do not have doors for. we have started counting. we have ?? paydays or ???? more times of fencing lessons. it helps when we see a end in sight

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