Friday, July 30, 2010

I know your mommy drinks mountain dew for breakfast but you may not.
to the plumber: yes I know it is wrong to flush baby wipes down the toilet but if it means she is wiping it is worth it
Yes we are starting school next week and no you can not bribe me.
okay these are lame but I will tell you something crazy I almost said. I kept a friends 2 children since birth this weekend. I have known them since the oldest was about 8 months old. One night it was really storming and he came in my room and asked me to check how long the storm would last. I thought he was scared so I said " you know you are more than welcome to sleep" then I stopped and almost died. Why you may ask.
BECAUSE HE IS 14, Somehow I saw this little boy in a buzz lightyear costume. Can You imagine if I would have said it.
I did tell him and my 13 year old and his mom later. They all laughed at me and thought I was nuts. And for the record he was not scared. He just likes to check on the weather.


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