Friday, July 23, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
We had a wonderful, amazing, encouraging day. We got up at 4am and took Kim to the airport and then came home and relaxed. We went swimming on post for 3 hours. Honestly if I had taken something for Michael to eat I may still be there. It was so much fun. The entire pool was no more than 5 feet and a HUGE kid section. I did not have to carry Grace around. She even started putting her face under the water.
We came home and collapsed. Actually I made dinner and then relaxed. Then we went to the closing ceremony for VBS tonight. It went really well. The kids had a great time. I met the mom of Michael’s new friend. Can you believe they live in our neighborhood? To me that is only God. I told her we would get together next week to talk. It seems like we are on the same wave length. The church seems amazing. She said the men have a lot more functions then the women. I will tell you more about it when we can talk. For now I guess I should go to bed. I am running on 4 hours from last night and 6 the night before. And I already know the guy will be here at 8am to power wash the deck, porch and entire house and then he is going to clean out the gutters. I did talk to a neighbor today and he said the city never comes out and our grass is not long at all. I am going to have Michael mow it in the morning just to be safe. I am so tempted to have someone trim the bushes so you do not have to do it.

I love you babe and wish you were here this weekend to do things with us. I miss you so much. It is almost harder now that I know you are coming home soon.


mumsnotebook said...

I love your letters to your husband.

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