Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
This is not going to be a mushy kind of letter because I am in a bad mood and it is taking everything I have to not scream, cuss and drink a mountain dew while eating a Hershey bar.
The day went well. We went to the library, PX (got Michael 2 pairs of size 13 shoes that were too small), commissary and Wal-Mart. Then we came home and I made beef tips (that all the sudden the girls did not like them).
Then I decided to have the kids clean out the van. Okay I am just going to list my issues. Our van only has 50 thousand miles on it and the glove box will not shut, the rear passenger door does not work great, the rear passenger window will not shut. Okay so you know about these things but while they were cleaning Michael came in and said “Mom, when did you get the dent in your van” WHAT? So I walk out there and the first thing I notice is soot and a scratch on your truck. I know it is from the neighbors fireworks. Then I look at the van and sure enough there is a good size dent in the van. I have no idea when it happened and how. At this time I am about to lose it when I look into the garage and Michael is playing with the garage door opener. Luckily it is not broken. So they finish the van and then Michael comes in and tells me he broke the seat to the van. The back seat was down (half of it). Instead of him telling me he did not know how to put it up he keeps pulling the level thingy until it breaks. So now the back seat will not be usable until it is fixed. The bathroom toilet is not flushing properly because our 4 year old keeps putting baby wipes in it. Why does she do such a thing? Well because she messes in her pants and does not want me to know. One day when I am in a better mood I will explain how there was a nasty smell coming from the laundry room. I will also explain what the smell was and where it was stuck but not today. The gutters have still not been cleaned out and I told the landlords again yesterday and did I tell you I took the door handle off of our bathroom door the week after you left because Michael got locked in there.
Okay, happy Pam is back. I love you so much and really love that you let me vent to you. I cannot wait to tell you about how the Aquarium visited the library today. How Faith is yet again sleeping in the girl’s room and admits she does not like sleeping upstairs.
Tomorrow is going to be a great day and I am having a pop tart for breakfast. But please do not tell the kids. I have them hidden so they can be all for me. I know it is wrong. Oh and we are having chick –fil-a for lunch. So it will be a GREAT day or at least I will not go hungry.
I love you babe,


Phyllis said...

I think it must be so hard to constantly be responsible for everything. If I could give you a hug on bad days like this, Pamela, I would. *hugs*

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