Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

Mamarazzi Monday I know it seems like it is always pictures of Grace. I will try to do better next week, I promise.


kewkew said...

Oh, how we could have used a dip in the pool today. Great pictures.
I wanted to mention I thought it was cool, I have a friend who has two daughters by the names of Faith and Hope. I will be following your blog as soon as I have time to get on Internet Explorer. It is slower, but the only way I can follow, as Google Chrome will not open my account to do so,it is stuck on my son's. Go figure. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi. If you have a chance I invite you to stop over and have a look at my blog:

Ann Marie @Household6Diva said...

Have you tried using Firefox?? Its the browser I use - and I love it! :)

Ann Marie @Household6Diva said...

Awww look at her all smiling for the camera!!!

And chillin in the shade - look at those beautiful curls!

Thanks for joining the Mamarazzi this week!

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