Thursday, February 3, 2011

For the Joy of it

For the Joy of it I will accept my daughter’s attitude this morning. She has to go to the doctor and she is happy about it because it means we have alone time. So for her I will go with it and make it fun.
For the joy of It I will not be upset that we did not buy tickets soon enough and are now missing the mystery dinner theatre this weekend. Because having a attitude will not make the tickets magically appear.
For the joy of it I will take some deep breathes and pray about my attitude this morning and work on it more throughout the day.
For the joy of it I will do something today that will prepare me for tomorrow to make it easier to enjoy the weekend.


Sarah Sawyer said...

Hi! Just stopping by from thursday five link up! Great attitude!


Deborah said...

Yes! One moment at a time -- by HIS grace! (Oh, how we need HIS grace!)

Hi! I'm Deborah, stopping by "Just for the JOY of It! Thanks for sharing...

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