Monday, February 7, 2011

Friend Making Monday

Did you watch the Super Bowl?
I did for the first time. I have had in on before but never really watched it. So what did I think, the game was good. A few of the commercials were good. But overall I was saddened. Sad that she did not know the words to the National Anthem. Sad that they showed football players who did not take a moment to pause for there country or put there hand over there heart. I understand the excitement but I do wish they had taken a moment to listen to the words of this song.


Annie said...

Hi from FMM! I was upset about that, too. The one guy who was holding his shirt during the anthem and then did a little pose when the camera came to him...yuck. Since 9-11 I get choked up over hearing it and it was ruined for me yesterday. :(

AmyLynn said...

agreed...made me sad indeed.
We have a rule in my house about showing respect. Also? I require that all three of my children approach any person in military dress and shake their hand and THANK THEM for serving our country.

Thank you for your service as well Rob

that is all

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