Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gratitude Tuesday

Last week we had a truck of cattle crash behind our house and while it makes me sad so many beautiful bulls died I am grateful that no humans were injured and none of the bulls that lived got lose and ran through my fence.
I am grateful that it looks like my husband will be home this summer. I love him being home and cannot wait to spend many Saturdays with him.
Spring is right around the corner, I know it is hiding but I can feel it. When I look out the kitchen window and see my hero’s boat I know that very soon my hero will take my children away for many a Saturday mornings. That means I wake up to a quiet house and my children get to enjoy their daddy. Plus they get to do all that yucky bodily function talk that mommy does not allow.
We are taking a parenting class in small group that at first I thought was silly but we are really learning a lot and honestly I enjoy setting next to my hubby for an hour. Just quiet uninterrupted adult talk.
***I encourage you to head over to Heavenly Homemakers and link up what you are grateful for.


Mrs. Keith said...

I LOVE the photo at the top of this page. I could have written this same post last year! My husband was in Iraq with the Army and all I wanted was for him to be home to watch his son take his first steps and spend much needed time with us!
I pray your husband makes it home soon and safe!
Love this post!
Morgan @ www.tryingtoliveforthem.blogspot.com

Tracey said...

Sounds like you have much for which to be thankful! It's my first visit to your blog; you have lovely family!

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