Monday, February 28, 2011

the mommy matters

I am starving, as in my stomach is growling. So this morning I thought I would talk about cooking. Can I ask you a question? Who taught you to cook? My mom likes to cook but either she did not do it often or I was not home enough to enjoy it. She did teach me one fun thing that I have taught my kids. When making spaghetti it is hard to know if the spaghetti is done. So when you think it is done take a piece and fling it on the wall. If it sticks then it is done, if it falls off continue cooking. Just make sure you take the time to take the spaghetti off the wall.
I learned a lot of my basic cooking skills in high school from a amazing teacher. I first learned to clean as you go. This was constantly drilled into our heads. Things like wiping off your cords when you are done with the mixer. Cracking your eggs into a separate cup in case you have shells was one of the smartest things she taught me. I would love to set in her class today and get a refresher class. Thank you Mrs. Chapman.


Julie the Army Wife said...

No one did. Well I did have a roommate in college that taught me some basics but really had to just learn it on my own.

Tegan said...

My mom taught me the basics, and most importantly - the clean as you go philosophy. But after my parents got separated and later divorced, I started cooking for the family when I was 13, and I kind of learned as I went. I have definitely changed how I do things over the years. Experimentation has always been my style and it usually works pretty good for me. :)

Courtney K said...

I agree with the cooking as you go thing. :-) It most definitely makes it easier when you get done eating to have most of it already in the sink or dishwasher. I think I learned most of my cooking from my Grandmothers and my mom. I remember they always were cooking something and I just assumed I should learn to. Thanks for linking up this morning!!!

Bella StormyAries said...

My mom didn't teach me to cook. I was raised by a Guardian and she had her elderly father living with us and she had to prepare everything special for him. Plus I think she was OCD about everything evolved in her kitchen I would probably destroy something according to her. I took Home Economics by her suggestion to make some man a happy husband (muahahaha it didn't quite work out the way she thought) in that class I learned to make Apple Pie which is still the bomb and debone a Chicken or some type of poultry... otherwise I learn everything from the internet, a cook book, Rachel Ray, or people like Pegan that I am like hey how do you do that? LOL. My husband cooks like that was his MOS and he can make the most weird combinations at times. I tell him your an Ordinance Specialist not a cook in the Army's kitchen THANK GOD! LOL So I am not one of those cooks that I wish I was that doesn't have a thing in the kitchen to cook but can pull out 5 ingredients and come up with something LOL

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