Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

It is Valentine’s Day. I cannot believe it but my hero will be home with me. It feels weird to have him home with me. This year we decided to not get gifts for one another. Which seems so weird to me but this year we are just focusing on each other? We are going to go to the movies this evening. I know it sounds silly but I am really looking forward to it. I feel like a teenager going to the movies with my husband. And not only that we will be out past bedtime. How weird is that?
If your spouse is home take the time to appreciate it and remind yourself that having him home is a luxury. If you know someone whose husband is not home then give them a call, take them to lunch. Remind them how much you appreciate their friendship.
Now if you are reading this and are thinking but we do not have money to do anything special and I am sad about it let me give you some suggestions. If you have kids here can be your plans. Go grocery shopping this morning (it is payday). Buy his favorite meal, buy your favorite appetizer. Come home and shower and take a small nap. Then this evening move back your bedtime routine 30 minutes. I promise if you do not tell the kids they will not catch on. Change the clocks if you have to. Then set the kitchen table, light some candles turn down the lights and have dinner. If you do not have candles stop by the dollar tree they have some. Then enjoy dinner and leave the plates on the table just as you would at the restraint. I promise you years from now you will remember this. It is not the roses that die or the chocolate that melts. It is the moments together; it is the conversations we forget to talk about.
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Stephanieboydwalker said...

Found you through Army Wives Lives military linky. always glad to find another milspouse blogger!

Stephanieboydwalker said...

by the way i looove that pic in your header!

Militarytravelmama said...

not sure why my link is going to wrong blog but i am at

CandaceApril said...

Love your tips! Our Valentine's Day celebrations have certainly changed since we became parents...but being a military family definitely makes those special days we can share even more precious!

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