Saturday, February 5, 2011

My week needs HELP

Good morning Ladies,
I fill like I have not been around in a while. Things have been busy in a good way but the next week is going to be even busier. Hope got sick and had a asthma attack on Tuesday. Rob had her at the doctor’s office for over 4 hours. Tuesday night the boys had scouts. Wednesday Michael had counseling and Wednesday night I went to church. We are doing a book study on James and WOW am I learning a lot. It seems like everyone in the group is so biblical smart that I just sat there and drink in their wisdom. Thursday morning I took Hope back to the doctor for a follow up. The doctor was amazing. She really explained to me how serious Hope was and encouraged me to never wait so long again. She said she thinks the asthma attack was brought on by a cold and we may never see asthma again. If we do then she will send us to UNC for testing. I am not worried. Thursday night the girls and I had heritage girls. Friday morning we got up and went grocery shopping for church. Only this time I shopped for three events. It was interesting to say the least. Then we left straight from there and went swimming. I found out this week that we can go swimming on post for free. The water was warm but not perfect. I think that is because the day before was 69 degrees and Friday it was in the 30’s. We left the pool and stopped by the chapel to drop off some of the food. Then came home and finished putting away groceries (I keep a lot of the church supplies at my house). Then we cleaned up some. Rob got off early. As soon as he got home we made pizzas for dinner. I tried baking bananas. They were not super yummy although the kids loved them. Then we played skip bo for a while and then watched a movie. I snuck to bed before 9pm. We accidently left the back light on behind the house which made me wake up several times thinking it was daylight.
Now it is 9am on Saturday and we are entering a wonderful crazy week. Hope is the only one awake so far which lets me know everyone stayed up late. Here is my week.
Today- cook for Church in the morning, 80-100 people
Boil 2.5 dozen eggs
Make a triple batch of cinnamon rolls, maybe more to put in our freezer
Bake 100 biscuits
Maybe make pumpkin muffins but we will see
We also are suppose to pick up bunk beds today but it is raining
I have to straighten my house because it is just a mess
Everyone needs baths and laundry needs done.
Arrive to church early to start cooking
Make sausage gravy
Cook 7.5 dozen eggs (scramble)
fry sausage
cut fruit
Set up drink table and there is a ton of other things, basically make sure we have food for 100 ready and displayed.

I have the baby
I have a ultrasound for my thyroid, just so you know I am slightly nervous

I have the baby
Rob will see the pulmonologist and I am going to hear what they say, honestly this makes me nervous because this could mess with his army career.
The boys have scouts that night.

I have the baby
Michael has counseling
I am cooking dinner and desert for Wednesday night bible study which is 20 people, which will include meatball subs and carrot cake and chocolate cake and some kind of cookies.
Arrive early to set it all up and have ready.
Bible study, oh yeah he gave us 2 weeks’ worth of homework wish me luck

I have the baby
Something I am forgetting
P. R. A. Y. both kids still have homework I need to be working on.

Want to take the kids swimming again
start on cupcakes

Father/daughter dance
Get everyone done-need to alter a dress, and figure out clothes
Make and decorate 75 cupcakes for this, I am making red white and blue cupcakes and then stacking on my cupcake stand
Make a chocolate chip cheese ball for my small group on Sunday so it can set up

Make 100 cupcakes and decorate for Sunday

Make sure everything is set up for pot-luck at church
I am taking 50 cupcakes for my part.
Cook any extra food if there is not enough
I am using my cupcake stand that I am in love with.
Coming home to make sure kids are ready for AWANA
Have 30 cupcakes ready for Michael’s class
Have 20 cupcakes made for my small group-oh yeah I have homework I need to do for small group
Arrive early to set everything

After small come home and make sure the house is cleaned up for the new week. I am sure I am forgetting some things. What does your week look like. Okay well it is now 9:20, that means it took me over 20 minutes to write this. I think I will definitely print this out.
I am making a variety of flavors of cupcakes and then will fill them with a coolwhip/pudding mix and ice with homemade frosting in a variety of colors. Saturday will be red/white and blue. Sunday will be iced with pink icing and then I am using heart sprinkles and heart shaped marshmallows for a Valentines Day themed.
My children also need to make 50 Valentines Cards for the very next Monday.


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