Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 5

I think it is OUTSTANDING that my hero had a four day weekend. I love being able to spend time with him. I love even more that he was able to get our deep freezer cleaned out.

When I walk outside and feel the sunshine on my face I feel REFRESHED. It energizes me and makes me want to do something fun.
This week I got to hold my friends newborn baby, you know the kind of newborn that still has the wrinkly skin. I ADORED his little body and could have held him for days.
I am CHEERFUL that our income tax should be here in 24 hours and we will be getting father out of debt. We may even be buying new bedroom furniture for ourselves and giving our son our furniture. He is currently in a twin bed and his 6 foot 1 body is too big.
I think it is COOL that we are going to have a garden this year. I am really excited about it. I think it would be extra COOL if we could do some hay bale gardening too.



Nicole said...

I love your list this week! You can tell everyone is loving the weather, everyone's lists are EXTRA positive!

Eschore said...

Glad you're having a good day :)

If you guys do decide to go to Great Wolf Lodge, use the coupon code HEROES for their military discount!
And the rooms have a mini fridge & micro, so you can save some money by bringing your own things.

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