Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. My husband has had the last four days off and the weather has been amazing. I love it. It is in the 60’s-70’s. I think we need to get out of the house this afternoon.
2. Last week my friend from VA came for a visit with her 6 kids and I loved every minute of them. I miss her so much and wish we could talk more often.
3. We get our tax return this year and it is a crazy huge amount. Sadly we are going to behave and use it for all good stuff and not do much fun.
4. I am thinking of getting acrylic nails again. I have had them a million times before. I will keep them for about 6 months and then get tired of them. I am really thinking it is time again.
5. My boys are going to the mountains in March and I cannot wait. It will be my hero and my son and my father in law. They are going to have so much fun.

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Laura @ Cowboy Boots said...

I know what you mean about being 'adult' w/the tax return...i'd kill to be a kid w/ours too...but alas #5 reminds us to save! haha

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