Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday 5

I have to be HONEST and say I copied down a list of word from October and not this week’s so I have to re do my post.
I think it is SPLENDID that I have no laundry to put away even if it means I need to wash clothes.
When we took Laugh your way through marriage last semester we had to take a personality test and mine showed that I live in PERFECT world. That was embarrassing.
I am SPECTACULAR at staying in slopping clothes all day with my hair in a pony tail.
I would love to have FANCY fabric to make new quilts.

I am HAPPY to tell you that Hope did not have a asthma attack all day yesterday.
I am THANKFUL for doctors who helped her quickly and took it seriously.
I am JOYFUL that it is Friday eve which means in 16 hours it will be the weekend.
I am GLEEFUL that my husband will be home this summer and we will be able to spend time together.
I am GIDDY at the fact that I have a stocked pantry (okay garage) and freezer. I love knowing I have everything to keep my family fed.
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CM said...

Sorry your little girl is struggling with Asthma. Hope you feels better soon.

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