Sunday, February 6, 2011

Military Monday

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Welcome to Trooppetrie. This blog is about my life, my hopes and dreams. I love to talk about my children, our homeschooling adventures. What new things I have cooked and created and of course our roller coaster ride with the military.
This week I thought I would talk to you about how to make friends at a new station. First, be open. When we first arrived in Germany I had a 8 week old baby boy. Our temporary housing was on the fourth floor and we did not have a car yet. It snowed and snowed and snowed some more and was crazy cold. When we needed groceries we would walk to the comissary and shop. Loading our stroller with as much as it would handle. One day there was a knock on the door. My neighboor who also was still in temporary housing asked if I wanted to go to a bigger post and go shopping. My response was silly, I said can I buy diapers and if so how many. She said I could buy as many as would fit in her car.Off we went. That was fourteen years ago and there is rarely a day that goes by that we do not talk now.
Secondly, get involve. Even if you think you have nothing to offer go to ACS and say I am available how could I help. And most places on post will pay for childcare while you volunteer. Join a PWOC group on post. It is a great way to work on your relationship with Christ plus let you meet other military spouses who have been where you are no matter where you are in your military life.


Mrs. K said...

Thanks for the advice. I struggle with this because I'm so darn shy.

CandaceApril said...

Good tips! I know this can be tough for a lot of military spouses...but the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable if you can push yourself to just put yourself out there and meet some people. I wrote a post a while back about "Grow Where You Are Planted"--I think that could be the active duty military spouses' credo!

Elizabeth said...

These are great tips. Thanks for sharing -- I'll keep this in mind! :)

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