Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am a slacker

Dear bloggy friends,
I feel so bad that I have neglected my blog. I love blogging. I do it because I love the interaction with other bloggers. I also do it because I want a journal of our lives.
For the last couple of months I have been a slacker. I have followed along with some of the carnivals but not much past that. I have so much to write about and catch up on. I promise to set down this weekend and update you.
We have been so busy. I had a wonderful friend visit from Missouri last weekend; I have another family visit today. My husband has had doctor’s appointments (nothing serious but will explain later), I have had a doctor’s appointment. Next week we have 3 different doctor’s appointments. It is crazy and trying to keep up is killing me.
It is so comical to me that a year go tomorrow we moved into this house. We have officially lived here a year. It is so weird to me that 18 months ago I thrived off of being involved and being out of the house. Today I love being in my home, I love staying home and getting things done.
So blogging friends (don’t ya love your new name) be prepared for lots of updates and lots of pictures.
My husband has a four day weekend and we have lots of wonderful things planned. Things like shopping for furniture and trimming bushes and cleaning out the garage and deep freezer and spending time together.
On a side note yesterday I received an amazing package. My mom sent me a crock pot. Last month I fell down my garage stairs and broke mine. I am the queen of falling.


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