Monday, February 7, 2011

True Story Tuesday

This is a totally true story. I love my husband and he is amazing man but I have to be honest and say when we got married the first thing on my mind was I WANT BABIES. So right after we got married I went to my OB for my yearly. We are talking about what to do to get pregnant. Well I knew the basics but I wanted it to happen like NOW and it was not. So while I was on the torcher table with all exposed the craziest thing happen. Let me first tell you that my new husband was in the waiting room when he heard me scream. Why would I scream you may be thinking? Because while the doctor was down there doing his thing he peeks over the little curtain and says “Do you know you have warts”. I think they heard me on the next block. I did not know rather to jump up and run out of the office naked from embarrassment or deck my husband. Before I could do anything the doctor looks at me and says “what is wrong?” I said what do you mean what is wrong, you said I have warts. That is when he looks over that little curtain thing again and says “on your knee, you have 2 warts on your knee”.
In case you need a reminder that is not the thing to say to a woman who is in that position.


Ann Dial said...

Pam, You are sooooo funny. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it! I sure do miss ya'll!


Rachel said...

OH MY LORD. I am totally dying over here... I cannot imagine hearing that while in that appointment! Are you sure he didn't say that intentionally, just to freak you out?

Sorry, this story totally made me guffaw! Thanks for linking up your classic True Story! :)

GunDiva said...

I might have kicked the doctor in the head for that!

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