Monday, February 28, 2011

Friend Making Monday

1) What is your favorite movie? Fireproof because it is amazing. Titanic and Practical Magic but not because of the movie but because of the music.

2) If you could trade lives with an actor or actress for one day, who would you choose? And why? Michelle Dougger because I honestly love the thought of having that many kids. I know she is not a actress but there is not many I look up to.

3) Who is your favorite actor/actress? Julia Roberts, it has nothing to with her acting and all to do with her hair. I would love pretty woman hair.

Man I did not answer these questions well. I am so weird. This is who I could pick out of a line up. Patrick Swayze, Whoopie Goldburg, Julia Roberts, Reba McIntire, Roseanne, and Chuck Norris. I honestly could not even tell you which movies I have seen. It drives my husband batty because I am always asking if I have seen this movie or that.


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