Thursday, February 17, 2011

For the Joy of it

For the Joy of it
1. For the joy of it I will not stress this morning and will concentrate on school instead of cleaning. Although I know friends are coming this afternoon for a visit.
2. For the joy of it I will drink my mountain dew without guilt or worry of calories.
3. For the joy of it I will take time out of my weekend to work on my blog because I know it brings me joy.
4. For the joy of it I will try to make sure the house is straight so I can enjoy my husbands four day weekend.
5. For the joy of it I will work ahead in my study of James so that I will have time to go back and really let it soak in.
6. Yesterday I took the time to just set and rub my teenagers head because I know that he will not always want to lay on the couch and let me rub his head and I will miss this joy.


Bella StormyAries said...

aww I like #6 because I used to lay beside my mothers bed as she watched Antiques Road Show, 20/20, or Night line and rub my head. I rubbed her feet at times too. I am addicted to it. I fully admit. My hair is a horrible mess because my husband rubs my head EVERYDAY LOL

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