Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are you gardening

Our garden is growing. The strawberries are not doing very well but the rest of the garden looks great. I think we could already pick a few green beans. I am already looking forward to next year. If we are here I want a garden ten times this size. I do not think we realized how much dirt we would have to use and how much that dirt would cost.
Are you gardening and if so what did you plant this year? My son is honestly doing the garden and the compost bin this year for boy scouts.


Paperblessings said...

We have a small patch in front with berries (we did edible landscaping this year) and then containers on the deck (looking into raised bed gardening next year).  The berries are doing fantastic here, harvested two and in within two weeks will have at least a dozen or two more to go (we only have 10 plants, the rest died).  Cinnamon Basil is doing well, but the cilantro is iffy.  In containers, we have big boy tomatoes and grape tomatoes.  They had a magnesium deficiency and I think we saved them in the nick of time...saying lots of prayers over them.  The Anaheim (chili) peppers are budding and doing great.  Chocolate Beauty Bell Peppers are not doing so well, neither are the yellow bells. Watermelon vines starting to grow.  Beans not doing so well.  Hear you on the dirt though...lots of dirt and compost and PrAYERS!!! LOL


Susan Struck said...

My strawberries are taking over!

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