Monday, June 6, 2011

Mommy Monday

What do you do to relax, what brings you joy? What is one thing you do just for yourself? You may laugh at me but for me it is baking. I would so love to be involved in bake sales. I got a message this morning asking if I could bake for a project and my heart got all a flutter. What could I make and how many and can I start right this minute. I love to bake. I love to clean up as I bake. I love the smell of baking. I love trying new recipes. I love changing recipes around. I do dislike when I forget to take pictures of what I make. I have recipes everywhere of things I want to make. I have this habit of buying ingredients and then realizing I forgot what I bought them for. I love giving my baked goods away. I swear I could set up a bake sale sign and mark everything free just for the love of baking.
Okay, I guess I better go bake because I can.
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Pamela said...

I think you might enjoy these:

I was doing a search for cupcake icing techniques and I stumbled on this blog.  The cupcakes are indescribably delicious!  It is recommended to store them in the fridge but take them out about an hour before serving.  I doubt there will be any left to return to the fridge - enjoy!

Semper Wifey said...

Me, too!!

Courtney K. said...

I'm a baker, too. I clean everything up as I go along, because I hate the mess afterward. And I could never be a food blogger...because I constantly forget to take photos. :) Thanks for linking up!

Becky Lowmaster said...

I love to bake cookies and would rather bake than cook a meal. Maybe that's why it's taken me sometime to really love to cook. After all these years, too! I'm gonna bake cookies this afternoon and send a portion of them to a young man in USAF in Afghanistan. We are cookie eaters!

tamayoseven said...

I'm more of a cooking girl myself. My baking is not all that great.

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