Sunday, June 26, 2011


Do you ever think, hmm my life has been turned upside down (in a amazing but busy way) so let me see what else I can do to keep myself busy. Hmmm, me either. So it was not me who volunteered to keep this precious blonde for three days straight. In her defense she earns her keep with those blue eyes and hugs that could solve the world.
It was not me who volunteered to keep my friends birds for a month even if one of them will not stop laying eggs and is on a special diet.

It was also not me who volunteered to drive across town, as in 40 minutes away, to take care of her cat.
But you know what, any minute of any day the same people would do the same and have done the same for me. I think it is part of being a military family. You learn to help one another in the good times along with the bad. Today I feel honored that they trust me with there babies. Now hopefully my cat will not notice the blue and green toys hanging in my kitchen. What have you done for someone recently that benefited you?
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