Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday 5

I find it fascinating that when they fix a dog they remove his testicles. How did I just find this out? After seeing our dog fresh from the groomers I think he needs to be fixed NOW. Too many little girls wanted to know what those (ugly) things are
I am pleasantly surprised that Hobby Lobby had the picture I wanted when I arrived.
I think it was sweet of my friend to give me a hobby lobby gift card. She is an amazing friend.
I am going to have a sensational day. I am going to take the kids swimming and then we my son has VBS training.
It is heartwarming to me that my son is willing to volunteer at VBS. I love this boy.


Nicole said...

I wish we had a Hobby Lobby...I've never been to one! And dogs that aren't fixed freak me out lol

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