Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indoor Pools

Today I have sad news. The indoor pool we love is closing for the summer. I know it sounds silly when there are so many wonderful outdoor pools. I love indoor pools because I do not have to worry about sun block. I cannot stand to put sun block on but I know I can’t be outside for more than a minute or I am a lobster.

This pool is perfect for my girls because it starts at zero depth and goes to four foot. The only bad part is it only goes to four foot which means my six foot son wants nothing to do with it.
I do not know who the other little kids are in the picture. All I do know is my children do not know strangers. If you are within a mile you must be there friend. I hope they never lose that quality.

Do you prefer a inside or outside pool? Do you like spray sunblock or lotion sunblock? Do you prefer the beach or a pool


Life as a Convert said...

The spray is super convenient but I prefer the lotion :)

Leslie P Jackson said...

I prefer the pool.

I prefer the spray sunscreen, and this year is the first year I've found it with enough SPF for my daughter....110SPF.  (Her doc said that the higher the number the better!)  :) 

I prefer outdoor pools, but only because they aren't normally heated and are normally bigger!  However, honestly, I would go to an indoor pool just as readily if the temp and size were the same! :) 

And, I totally feel your pain!  I burn easily too!  :)  :(  So I try to avoid outside!

lindsie said...

pam i agree inside pools are awesome. ha ha  and again quoting you " i love it" the part about your 6 foot son!

tamayoseven said...

We are used to outdoor pools because we are from HI and here in WA the rules are way to strict even for my 7 year old who has been swimming in the ocean since he was 4.  My kids don't like to be restricted. In HI we swam every day for 10 years and all the pools are outdoor. You get used to the sunscreen routine. Maybe you just need to try the new lite spray on sunscreens. It's faster but you have to buy one with a high sunblock.  I think this is one of the reasons we are retiring in HI because of the pools lol!!!!

tamayoseven said...

PS I am not sure how to post as myself because it is hard to change the settings but I am over at

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