Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday

My whole life has changed since the last time I did this.
1. I now have two precious blessings to snuggle daily.
2. I have lost a man who treated me like a daughter and even told me I was the pick of the litter.
3. I am knee deep in laundry. I go to bed thinking it is done and wake up and find another basket.
4. My hero is home and I cannot hug him enough. I miss just taking a moment to talk to him.
5. I think it is funny that my house is cleaner today than it has been in years, funny because I have 2 more kids in the house.
6. I am feeling so blessed and love this week. I have really realized what wonderful friends I have and how amazing they are to me. They have brought me to tears several times.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Amlinlans said...

Hi - Happy Monday! 

Am your Newest Follower visiting via Misc. Monday bloghop!

Hope you have a beautiful day - God bless those who serve this country and their families (love Curly, too!)

Happy Fourth, too!


Mountainmamablog said...

so nice!!  sorry about the loss :(

blessings to you this week~

trooppetrie said...

thank you so much, your blog is relaxing just to look at. Makes me want to run to the beach

carissa graham said...

aren't friendships such a gift?!  it's like God saying, here's a piece of me i'm giving to you that is tangible and a direct reflection of my love for you.  it's so sweet!

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