Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spelling and pedicures and my baby boy

1. I have to be honest and say I have been having head aches for months. They use to just be at the base of my neck. My thyroid DR said it sounded like a tension head ache but that was just a guess. Recently it has moved from the base of my neck to both sides of my head behind/below my ears. The pain is getting worse. I know what you are thinking. Go to the doctor and when my husband reads this I am sure he will say the same. I do not take pain meds for it so maybe it is not so bad. Do you have headaches like this?
2. I am annoyed that on most blogs I can still not leave comments. It seems like it has been months but really it is weeks. It is only on blogger accounts that use blogger comment forms. It is so weird it will let me sign in and follow you but when I leave a comment it makes me write the comment, sign in, word verification, and then repeat, repeat and again. It never posts my comment. If you have left me a comment and notice I have not responded back on your blog that may be the reason.
3. This week I had a last minute visit from friends and guess what there was laundry all over my livingroom, some folded some not. It also looked like I had not vacuumed in a year but in reality it had only been about 7 hours.
4. My son went kayaking in the ocean this weekend. He went without me. When did he get big enough to go hours away from home alone without his mommy?
5. I need a pedicure and my nails filled in. it is my luxury item. I stretch the time out between ways to long.
6. My husband is away with the Army. I cannot pray enough while he is away even if he is stateside and in meetings all day. I miss him more than I want to admit.
7. I need your help, how do you spell livingroom (living room or livingroom. What about homeschooling (home schooling or homeschooling).
8. My knat trick is working great but only if I put it out every day which is a pain.
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Rachel said...

Sorry about the comments.  Have you gone to blogger's help area to see if there is an answer there? And, lol, you probably won't be able to reply since I use blogger comments. :)

I spell homeschooling connected. Oh well. That's my "right" way.

carissa said...

Sorry your still having headache trouble!!! I can't imagine my hubby being gone for more than a few weeks. May the Lord give you extra grace to endure!!!

Life as a Convert said...

Ok Im STILL having that same problem commenting on blogs.. How do I get the comment form that you have? Is it on blogger somewhere or something that i need to find and add?

lindsie said...

ok i just read the blog and guess made my life a whole lot easier girl! the whole laundry thing. lol

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