Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A relaxing day

Today has been a good day. We stayed home today and I organized dressers and got all the boys clothes put away. It feels like home again. The kids all just played. Strangely no one really played outside. My friend came over for a couple of hours. This afternoon a friend called and said she had an outdoor car for the boys. One of the battery ones and they can drive around the back yard. I said it will go great with the girls Barbie car.
We made spaghetti for dinner. I realized while cooking I need to buy an oven lock. I forgot some of the basics about having a baby. I do not mind, he is so worth it. I cannot believe how much these blessings can eat. I totally do not mind. We had spaghetti at 6pm and then they took a bath and before I could get Jerry dressed Tom was eating carrots. How do you say no to carrots? The dog loves Jerry; I bet he has already gained a pound or two.
I think bath time is one of Tom’s favorite times. We have a little basketball hoop on the shower wall and he just plays and plays. I have to admit giving the boys a bath is so much easier than the girls and they do not complain about getting their hair washed.


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