Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kitchen Angel

Grace made this on her last night as a cubbie. I am going to miss her being a cubbie. I do not know if I will ever have the heart to open this up and use it. Although, I am tempted to just to make a bunch of them as a gift.
It is two hand towels wrapped around each other and the poem read:
I am your kitchen Angel
I’ll watch over all you do,
Baking all those goodies,
And snitching one or two!
And if you ever tire of me,
Or some help is what you wish is,
Just untie my little ribbons,
And I’ll help you with the dishes!

It is too stinking cute. I am now wondering why I did not get a picture of my cubbie with her kitchen angel.


CandaceApril said...

 Too sweet! Make her get back in the uniform and grab a picture ;)

Life as a Convert said...

That thing is too cute!!

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