Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Froggy love

On Friday we had cousins come over to play. We met at my moms. My mom lives just enough in the country that a neighbor has a goat and roosters and down the street you can find cows. The kids had a ball running around outside. Then Hope caught a frog. I am telling you this child will catch anything. She had so much fun catching it and then letting it go again. She loves that she now has someone to catch things with. At first Tom was not so sure about touching this wiggly frog. Then the dog got involved and he realized it was okay. They had so much fun. I felt bad for the poor frog. I will say that the frog survived and did not come home with us.
Does Tom not have the best smile in the world? I cannot wait to share his mischievous one. I am definitely falling in love



Cindyabeck said...

My oldest Charlie was born 8 wees premature and has Assburgers syndrome, he loves any animal or insect.  In the summer time I know when I leave for work to worry.  Last week I came home to a turtle in a box.  We have already adopted 3 stray cats.  It is so nice to watch him connect though so it is hard to say no, I stay strong most times.

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