Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our new life

Isn’t life funny? I was telling my hero last night that it seems weird that I have not blogged in a week and then it dawned on me that I had pre dated some things. So you guys do not even realize I have not blogged in a week.
My life has been torn upside down in an amazing way and in the most traumatic way. Let’s start at the beginning. Last Friday night my husband’s niece called and said she was no longer able to care for her boys. She asked if we could take them. I cannot imagine the strength it took to do this. I am sad for her and proud of her for being able to do this. We said yes quickly. I do not want to get into it but it was something that had been thought and prayed about before. So honestly there was no real discussion. We knew the answer before she called.
On Saturday morning my in laws drove to her where she was and picked up her and the boys. I am going to call the mom Joy and the boys Tom (he is 3) and Jerry (he is 1). On Sunday the plan was they would drive half way to our home to drop off the boys. Sunday morning at 6:30 the phone rang and I assumed it was my mother in law. It was only instead of saying she was on her way. She said an ambulance was there and my father in law had a heart attack. He had one a couple of years ago. So we jumped up and started making phone calls. Within a hour we knew he was in surgery. We learned they thought his stint had slipped or was covered by a blockage. Within another hour we learned that my big strong father in law did not make it off the table. They think he had the heart attack on Saturday and by the time they got in there on Sunday he was full of blood clots. My hero could not leave until Monday morning. So we spent the day mowing the yard and cleaning the house. Although we both are were a wreck and really we spent the day walking around in circles wondering what to do next or what to think?
On Monday we came home to WV. It has been a week I will never forget. A week of good-byes, a week of getting to know two precious babies. A week of wanting to take them and snuggle them and hug them and run with them. But reminding myself that there mom was there and this would be the last few days she would have with them for a while. On Thursday we signed the paperwork to obtain guardianship of the boys. So that we can register them through the military and get them on our insurance. The lawyer said it could take up to 45 days. Please pray with us that there are no glitches and that this would happen sooner than later. She said because my husband is here on emergency leave and because the mom signed all the paperwork already that she is hoping they can rush it through this week.
I have so much to tell you but right now I have one thing on my mind and that is that this morning I am loading up my van and heading home. I am taking the five younger kids and my husband and son are staying here to help my mother in law with some things. They will come home next weekend. So the prayer requests are that the legal stuff will be handled quickly. For healing for our family as we have lost a great man. It is honestly hard to be sad about it because we know where he is and that he is healthy now. I will write about the funeral another day. Pray for these precious boys as they adjust to a new home and a new life. Pray for their mother as she adjust without them. Pray that we are able to get everything we need for these boys. I have several friends who will help with this. But we are starting fresh with two blessings and did not get the nine months to prepare for this. Pray for my husband. I just want to hug him and tell him how sorry I am for his dad; I just want to cherish him for the man he is. That will come but right now we are just learning to be a new family with the changes in our life.
In case I have not said it we are thrilled to have these blessings. Beyond thrilled and fill blessed to be allowed to care for them.


Jessica said...

Many thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

Jen said...

I am sending lots of hugs and prayers your way! I hope everything falls into the place the way it's supposed to be.

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry for your family's loss. I lost my dad to a heart attack 1 1/2 years ago. While we rejoice that we know where they are now, it's still hard to say goodbye.  Praying for your husband and your mother-in-law especially. What a blessing, though, that your husband and your son got to spend some wonderful time with him earlier this year! I hope that gives some comfort.
The boys are adorable and so blessed to have your family in their lives. I'll be praying for them and their mom as well.

Kim Mills said...

I am sorry for your loss, and amazed at your willingness to take on this family challenge and blessing.  Our family has seen similar child-adoption and it can be both wonderful and a blessing.  It takes a strong family, so what a blessing you all are to those boys!

lindseylu said...

Pam I'm so sorry for your loss. And I am so encouraged for your lack of selfishness in taking on two little boys-- I know that even if you are willing that is not an easy task. I'll definitely be praying for peace as you mourn the loss of your FIL and for a smooth transition for all as you adjust to having two little ones added to your family. 

katieb38 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Pam.

You have a beautiful and loving heart - how blessed these boys are. Praying that provision for all your needs falls into place quickly.

Rachel said...

Wow... what a huge change - or changes - for you.

I am sorry, so sorry for your loss.  And so grateful for the way your family has been changed for the better.  Thankful that you are an answer to prayer for these precious boys, and that your niece has you in her life.

Praying for healing for you!

muliebrity said...

Congrats on the new babies, Pam! I am so sorry to hear about your FIL.

chris said...

praise god that their mama had the strength to seek help for raising her boys. thats love. and that she had such loving and open arms for them to come to. those boys are blessed, and i know you are too!
i am so sorry for your families loss. words cant say. ive read all your prayer requests and have them in my heart. youll be in my thoughts and prayers as will the family.
i came from lowercase letters.. i had to read back a bit to find out why you needed prayers, but this post says it all.
sending you hugs pamela... you need em too!

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