Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. Do you swim in the winter? If we had a good indoor pool I would. I think the kids would love it. Actually next month my husband and I are going away and I cannot wait to swim. I guess swim is not the word for what I do. I cannot wait to float in the pool

2. Do you love or hate winter? If I do not have to leave my house then I love ten feet of snow (not that I have ever seen that). But I dislike when it is cold for no reason. Right now it is 65 degrees in January. I cannot believe it.

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you're going to be home all day with just family? I do put on clothes but not leaving the house clothes. If I did not babysit you would probably never see me out of my pajamas.

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage? Umm, had a sip (or less) in high school and have never had any since. Oh wait, I had a drink about 14 years ago.

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable? As in prank calls, ZERO. As in calling in sick, I guess that it depends upon how many sick days you have. I know I am messing up this question.



Pamela said...

Have a lovely time on your getaway with your husband!

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