Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Change is coming

Poor lonely blog, poor sad blog readers who probably do not even come back. Poor post that were half written last year that accidently got posted while I was out of town. Poor pitiful me.
Okay sucking it up and moving on. The last few weeks have been crazy. My MIL came in for Thanksgiving and that was wonderful and then it seems like things did not stop. My hero was gone for training for a week in December and then worked a lot of long days before taking 2 weeks off at Christmas. Two wonderful weeks full of cleaning out the garage and getting vehicles ready for deployment. The second week we went to visit family. It is amazing how long it takes to organize a trip even if it is only for a couple of days.
Right now my hero is back in Louisiana for training. I actually had to drop him off at 3am one morning. Let me tell you I do not care how early you go to bed 3am is too early for me. It was not just dropping him off it was staying with him until 6am.
I say all this to tell you that life has been crazy but I have a million and one things I want to write about. I am determined to start really writing.
My hero is deploying soon and I will have quiet evenings to write.
I do want to mention something. If I wrote today about my husband leaving today please know that I have changed the days and he could have been gone a day or a week. I will NEVER give out specific times he left. I will tell you he is leaving and he will be home in the fall some time. I will also say he is going to Afghanistan. If you would like to send him a note of encouragement you can leave it in the comment section or e-mail me and I will send you his address when I get it. I will continue to practice OPSEC to the best of my ability and hope you understand and do not see me changing dates as being untruthful.


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