Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our dryer broke

UGGG, did I tell you my hero is coming home today? Have I told you he is only home a couple weeks (more or less)? Did I tell you that yesterday morning my dryer stopped working?
So I called a repairman. He came yesterday afternoon. He pushed the start button and guess what? It worked as if nothing was wrong. So he left. I had my daughter load the dryer and turn it on. As soon as it came on I heard that squeal. It had been squealing for some time. So the man came back. This time it did not start. After taking it apart we found out it needs three parts. One is a pretty big one.
So I guess in the shorter time period he is home we will be dryer shopping. The repairman is going to call me today with the cost of the parts.
What bugs me is that this dryer is only about 5 years old. I know we are out of warranty. UGG! This is crazy.
Let me just say my hero is going to be thrilled to come home and replace the dryer. Oh did I tell you the glass fell out of our entertainment stand. So he can fix that too.
I am just curious does everything fall apart right before your hero comes home or visitors arrive?


Bella Armyknightslady said...

Nope its common law they fall apart when they leave. I had a fender bender when he was doing his MITT training in the Commissary parking lot, The water heater broke, The washer was always breaking, Then once he got deployed I totaled the car. Yeah I was going super fabulous and I had to wait from October to January to buy a new car. Thankfully USAA let me have a rental for the majority of the time. Down side is I never drove it off post because of fear LOL.

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