Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letters to my hero

Man oh man, right now I have setting on my desktop a “Letter to my hero” that I started three days ago. I just cannot seem to get it pulled together. I really want to start writing “letters to my hero” again.
So how do I get back to it? Hmm, that is my question. I guess it will happen when I stop fighting the dog for my shoes and when the police are not knocking on the door because our alarm system went off.
So in case you are reading…
Dear hero,
I love you and miss you extremely tonight. Today was a great day. I made dental appointments for the 5 older kids, eye appointments for all 6 kids and myself and doctors appointments for 5 kids. I may get us caught up soon.
I wish you were here right now because the puppy is making a ruckus upstairs and I hear lots of squealing and not a lot of sleeping. She has been doing really well. She did scratch Kerri yesterday. Michael asked if we could have her de clawed. I cannot wait for you to see her, she is jumping on the furniture now.
Jason’s birthday was a huge success. Several times today he has told me he had a great birthday or the best birthday. I do not know where he comes up with these things but I love it.
Michael has a busy weekend of boyscout events. I have a busy weekend of relaxing and maybe getting some sewing done.
I love you baby and hope you get to call soon.


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