Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It has been a while since I did Miscellany Monday and honestly I have missed it. I just could not seem to get into the blogging mode.
It might have something to do with the new puppy who keeps me on my toes. You know the puppy that broke my scentsy burner. I glued it together again. Then a couple of days later I was rubbing on the puppy and I noticed she had something in her fur. Can you guess what it was? Look closely at this picture and tell me what you do not see.

This week I have had a cold or allergies or something going on. It has made me extremely tired. This means we have had a lot more days where we just laid under blankets and relaxed.

Right before Christmas, my hero bought us tablets. It came with a very thin case and I could not wait to make a nicer one. So today I made one using quilting material. I still need to put a button on them. I wish I knew how to make them reversible so that I did not need to make two.
I did make Faith a skirt this week. I am going to try to take a better picture later. I just put a elastic top in it. I love this material. I used the 40% off coupon from hobby lobby on it. I took the scrap and let her use it as a scarf. I am definitely going back to buy more of this material.


Kimba962 said...

Love the skirt you made! Sorry about your Scentsy burner!

have a good week.

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