Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to get away with your spouse

How to plan a night away with your hero.
1. Write on your blog you would like a night away.
2. Friend one says reads it and says you plan the hotel and she will keep the kids.
3. You think oh, this could work and get excited.
4. Call friend 2 to ask if she would help and keep the kids Friday afternoon and evening so friend 2 will only have to sleep over
5. Have that arranged, call friend 3 to ask if she could keep on Saturday. She says she is not available, so back to square one. Although friend 1 said she would do it the whole time you do not have the guts to let her.
6. Friend 4 puts on facebook: she is looking for a part time job, so you facebook her instantly and asks if she would be interested.
7. Friend 4 says it sounds great and you get excited.
8. Now you think to e-mail your husband who is away and ask if he would be interested, probably should have done that first.
9. Husband says yes but does not know if he can get time off work. You think hmmmmmm, if he cannot go maybe you will just go alone
10. You almost cry thinking maybe it will not work out.
11. Then you look on line for hours for the perfect hotel room in case you get to go.
12. Find hotel, reserve hotel.
13. Start making list for sitter. Wonder what you can do to make the weekend easier for the sitter.
14. And finally you think daily about it and count the days until it can happen.

Doesn’t that sound rather dramatic? So excited at the thought of having a night away with my hero. So grateful for friends who are willing to help out to make it possible.
I will update you on what happens next soon.


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